«Salta - a business woman, who has a creative beginning. She is self-sufficient, independent, travels a lot, goes in for sports and yoga. Despite being busy in her business, she has enough time for her personal interests and hobbies.» (Baimukhamedova, S.)

The creator of the collection "Salta-Spring-Business-2018", which will go to all the showrooms on March 1, tells us about how her creation was born and who she is - a business woman in the modern world:


Q: - Please, tell us what was the inspiration for creating a business collection? 


A: - Once a year, I create a collection for my dear clients in the style of a business woman. In 2018 this collection will appear in the spring. Actually in all collections, inspiration is my inner desire, in what way I want to be in this season, how I want to look ... The ability to listen to myself and hear my desires is the basis of all my collections. Only then, starting from this knowledge, I paint my image, resorting to the help of fashion trends of the upcoming season and the latest trends of the current one. Most of the time I catch ideas on the streets all over the world, street style, traveling in reality or on the Internet.


Q: - What colors will prevail and why? 


A: - In this collection I used 3 colors: classic black, pearl white and trendy color of the coming season, the color of brown ocher. Black and white colors are the basis of Salta style - Yin and Yang.This is my favorite contrast. It is in every collection. Brown ocher is one of the most trendy colors of 2018. This is must have. This color looks particularly luxurious in business look and accessories.


Q: -  What materials will be used in the collection and why? 


A: - For a business collection, of course, I could not miss a half-woolen suit fabric. This is a classic. Jackets, trousers, skirts from high-quality costume fabric always look presentable and expensive. The strictness and brutality of such a costume I diluted with the most feminine kind of fabric from all fabrics - lace. Unexpected, delightfully luxurious combination. I tried to move away from the standard common use of lace in clothes and offered my vision of femininity and sexuality in such a fabric. The hit of this collection is 100% cotton made at the Swiss factory. This is the new generation of our favorite cotton. More expensive than usual. But it's worth it. Oversized blouses, made of such cotton, turned out luxurious.


Q: - In your opinion, how the image of a modern woman has changed in the last 5 years?


A: -  Over the past 5 years, "my women" have grown up, have become more courageous and confident. I began to see more well-groomed women, smart, looking for 10-15 years younger than their actual age.


Q: - Please, describe the image of a woman, a business-woman from Salta. 


A: - Salta - a business woman, who has a creative beginning.  She is self-sufficient, independent, travels a lot, goes in for sports and yoga. Despite being busy in her business, she has enough time for her personal interests and hobbies.


Q: - In your opinion, what is the guidance of the woman going to an important business meeting? 


A: - Business meetings dictate their rules and standards to the dress code. Of course, the woman in the first place, guided by them. But in details and accessories, her mood is important, whether she slept well, kissed her beloved in the morning, whether the sun was shining outside the window, etc.


Q: - Each designer has a unique vision. How would you describe your collection?


A: - Casual, business style, with a creative touch. Each look from this collection can especially highlight "my woman" from a crowd of people in the office. There will be an increased interest to her. Her courage, confidence and creativity will strike the eye. But in the subconscious perception in the air around her, there will be femininity and sexuality.


Q: - And at last, please tell us what are the main features of your clothes, which is inherent only in your models? 


A: - My models are characterized by my unique style - Salta. Those who are familiar with it well, do not confuse it with anyone - monochrome colors, minimalism, simplicity, allowing to play with multilayeredness, love to oversize, "correct" templates emphasizing the virtues and hiding the flaws of the figure.
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