The Salta™ Brand

Salta adheres to her principle’s of style to European minimalism multiplied by perfect cut and a traditional oriental touch. If you dream of having anything like this in your wardrobe, Salta™ is the clothes and accessories meant for you. Freedom, creativity, flawless lines and international-level fashion is what comes to one’s mind at first acquaintance with the world of the Salta™ brand.
Salta is a truly creative person in charge of the brand and is recognized as one of the top fashion creators and designers in
Kazakhstan. A talented and beautiful lady, Salta literally “creates” style, through her dynamic energy, visible confidence and cosmopolitan appeal.
Each item by Salta™ is a unique work of creativity and art, masterly prepared by professional tailors inspired by the quality, care and elegance that the Salta™ brand has become recognized for.
The brand offers a full range of clothing presented in a limited amount of lines and types, maintaining simplicity and uniqueness. Apart from the traditional casual line with a slight ethnic touch tailored for a modern woman, the brand has been offering business collections to loyal and devout fans since 2010.
Salta™ gives the customer a fashion line which is the gift of an authentic designer who has stayed true to her style and vision of simple and minimalist. Salta brings to life some of her most daring ideas employing natural colors and textures, resulting in eclectic, adventurous and radical apparel that is timeless and can be worn as casuals, formally and professionally.
Salta™ stands out from other brands not only with its strong personality but also with the high quality of its products.
Natural materials and textures are used and combined and to create each unique item individually with care and quality. This exclusive brand is completely cost effective with an appealing price-quality ratio that is not only perfectly balanced but impresses each and every customer so they return as regular guests of the boutique.
Salta™ succeeds at combining the designer’s newest ideas and tendencies with classical feminine wear that motivates desire and interest by anyone who sees, touches and wear’s any item from her collections.
Salta is a family owned business, founded her Salta™ label in Alamty, Kazakhstan in 2008, and has become one of the most original, well known and commercially successful designers in her native country.
Salta shares her global fashion vision and detail to cultural sensitivities with women wanting freedom and comfort in their clothing.
Her classic touch of modern ethnic creativity is the key to a contemporary design with a cosmopolitan touch and flawless shapes and lines which easily finds its way to the wardrobe of a successful, creative and feminine woman.

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